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Our mission is to provide free, nutritionally balanced meal to students in public primary schools so that they can focus on learning effectively.

Our Impact

We believe that a well-fed child is a well-nourished mind. Our mission is to provide free, nutritionally balanced meals to children in public primary schools so they can focus on learning effectively.


We measure our success by the lives we've touched. We improve the health and education of school children around the country.


Every week, we serve healthy meals to over 770 school children for the purpose of preventing hunger while learning at school


We provide free lunch meals, 2 times a week, to 4 Public Primary Schools in Lagos State. Our goal is to extend our reach.


Bethsaida Foundation exists to end child hunger in public primary schools.

This is the cause upon which it was founded and of that which we will continue to fight for. We launched operations fully in 2018 and have consistently given free wholesome, cooked meals on rotation, twice a week every week, to 4 Public Primary Schools in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria. Our goal is to ensure that no child ever has to worry about food while learning.

The promise of our hard work is to protect school children from hunger and it takes donors who believe in the cause, partners who pool their resources and expertise to work together for great change. It takes compassion to help these little ones.

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Donate to Bethsaida Foundation

* 100% of your donations will go towards feeding school children

* $0.70/N250 per meal delivered (averaged against portion, size and nutritional values)

$0.70 NGN 250

provides one student with one meal for a day

$50 NGN 18,000

provides one student with meal for a school year

$277 NGN 100,000

provides a whole school with meal for a day

* All of our operating expenses are covered by donations or grants specifically for operational use, so 100% of your donations provides free meals to the children.

Let's work together

We value our corporate partners and their commitment to help us fight child hunger in Nigeria. Bethsaida Foundation welcomes the opportunity to partner with your organization as well. To find out more, read our case for support.

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